Crap on. Crap off. The Crapper


Wednesday is take the dumpster to the curb day. When I took the dumpster from the back to the front I fugured I’d throw out the refuse that was up upon my fence.

Someone, an old guy. “Cleans” the alley every so often and tapes up “No Dumping” signs, that fall apart after the first rain. This cleaning is basically shifting whatever is in the alley up against the fences. So up against mine was a dirt encrusted sleeve, fallen leaves, concrete chunks, and some other stuff. All placed in the dumpster. One thing, which called for the rubber gloves was the pan. When Lem was putting in my fence he pointed out that someone had taken “a dump” near my fence. He pointed to a pan with some unknown brown/yellow liquid and debris in it. Lovely. Well I turned the pan over a few days after that and it was dry by Wednesday, ready for the dumpster, but still stinky. The alley had an odor. But at that time I thought it was a mixture of leftover stink from the pan and the puppy on the opposite side of the alley.

Yesterday, I’m out staining the back fence. When I move closer to the ground I smell something stinky. I blame the puppy. I take the dumpster thru the alley and back into the yard. Then I notice a pail in the alley. Same ugly colored liquid and refuse. I take a long pole, stand back, and dump it into the alley. Stink-E.

Great I knew the crack-heads urinated but leaving bowls and pails of their crap, oh-no!