Tree boxez in the hood

Pity the poor tree box. My tree box, which face it is pitiful. has a dying basil-something (not sweet basil, I could use sweet basil) and a couple of tansys and a lot of root fiber from what? The tree? Plants long since gone? The tansys?

I’m going to have to redo the whole darned thing. What I have done was use some timbers to make a box, fill it with dirt, throw in some plants, and put up some fencing in one corner. The neighborhood kids gave me a run for my money. I had to yell at them for walking into it and on top of it. The edge fencing, I had to replace plastic, that got broken with metal, of which one was broken. Then there were the adults getting out of cars. Lastly the tree itself, blokcing out all light, evil, evil tree.

I’m thinking I should pull out everything, dig up the root filled dirt, put in some barrier between the tree and the plants so the tree’s roots can’t invade the box, and try to build up the box by another level.

Next, cheap plants.