Gentrification and Me issue 4

Am I on number 4 now?

PBS: POV Flag Wars: What is Gentrification

One site, just for definition of what I am talking about. The rest of the site in on the film Flag Wars, a battle for a neighborhood between two “historically oppressed groups” blacks and gays. In my own observations both groups can be downright unpleasant to the other, but luckily, not always…. at least not to the other’s face.

Maybe later I’ll do themes on gentrification: Gays and gentrification; Artists and gentrification; Buppie (Black yuppie) gentrification; Black flight and gentrification; Anti-gentrification groups; DC/Shaw and gentrification.

Someone, John, pointed out a talk that is going to be given at the City Museum October 15 at 6:30 on gentrification and the city. I predict there will be an angry discussion as the topic enflames passions. I plan to go but if it just turns into a yelling match at any point I’m leaving. If I want to see people yell, I’ll go to a civic association meeting with the peanut gallery.

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  1. Wow, I just found your blog and love it! I would have left this comment under “Confessions of a Gentrifier” but there is no spot to do so. Love that entry as well. It made me laugh. If gentrification means cleaning up crack and garbage I’m all for it. I don’t see if you wrote anything on the other topics such as gays, buppies..etc. Looking forward to reading something about that. Trying to make this change happen in Newburgh. This city has been on a downward spiral for so long. With the proximity to NY you would think it would have been improved long ago. Crooked politicians play a huge role. But the neighborhood is recently seeing a turn around. Anyway, I am very inspired by your blog, and I plan to follow. Best

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