Not an update on the neighbor who failed to heed my advice. But concerns next door. I think they’ll be renting. My gut tells me the owner is in slumlord mode, so I won’t expect any high quality tenants. Regardless if they are high quality, or not, there are things that need to be done, that I wouldn’t expect any renter to do. For example, the bricks over the window look as if they are on the verge of falling out. A minor problem, which I can remedy. The owner had the house painted a color close to mine, before it had been a dark shade of purple red. Before the color of my house jumped out as it was a light house between two dark colored houses. Now, at night the colors blend together. That pissed me off. I took a good amount of thought in picking out the color. The last problem, which actually isn’t my problem as it is the other neighbor’s problem, overgrown weed trees.

Before I thought they were going to sell. But rumor had it he wanted $300K for the house. The house is not going to sell for $300K. The house with the basement and the big backyard on our block sold for $300K. This house has no basement and there’s a poor job done on the roof and he wasn’t going to put any top of the line appliances in. Although they did a decent job inside the house, it doesn’t look like a $300K house. Maybe a $220-$250K but not $300K. Heck the house across the street was listed at $400K and that DEFINITELY was not worth that much. Sunny worked on the house first. G-d in heaven only knows what mistakes still lurk in the walls, despite the other people brought in after him.