Summary of Bates Area Civic Association Meeting

7PM 8/4/2003

Moderator: Jim Berry

Tree boxes for 100-300 blocks of Q Street. A community citizen is collecting pledges of treasure and talent to get a GROW grant to get treeboxes along Q St. The Co-Op between R & Q Sts will also be improving their tree boxes.

Mr. Berry announced the 5th Annual National Night Out and PSA 312’s involvement. Please see ( ) for more information. There will be a gathering around about the park on Florida and 1st (green space not the concrete park).

Fill in speaker for Mr. Matthew Payne, Coordinator for the North Capitol Neighborhood Farmer’s Market spoke of the other projects his group is working on for the youth of the community. Meeting attendees gave comments about the Farmer’s Market and suggestions to make it better. This continued for a while.

Mr. Todd Douglas, the Ward 5 Neighborhood Services Coordinator, spoke of the several projects and concerns of the community.

Meeting continued after 8:59 PM

Drama Mamma
Drama Mamma and I are sort of back on speaking terms. Whatever.

Apparently she’s doing a last harrah with hanging over at the neighbors before they ship out after selling. At the most 30-60 days and she’ll have no excuse to come down the block. The taxes on the yellow house are too high to make it Section 8 (which is probably why the landlord kicked the renters out), the white guy doesn’t talk to anyone, nor does the guy below him; Sandra doesn’t like that crowd; the Hispanic family they are friendly but I don’t see them hanging with DM; the Howard students are a heavy Jesus-loving crowd and … nah, I don’t see them hanging with her either.