What happens when the middle class comes back?
There is a huge and aging population of Cubans in Miami. They want to go back to Cuba. Well not at this very moment, but after Castro dies or is overthrown. Dies is more like it, as the ex-revolutionary has outlived various US Presidents. Should Castro die any time soon (please be my guest) and his aged brother take over, thousands of aged Cubans will wait or, they will come over in a flotilla to take back their Cuba of old. The Cubans already there will be pissed to see them.
What would happen if the black middle class that left DC in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s came back in droves? The ones who stayed would probably, like the above Cubans, be pissed. The returning population may want to retake their houses, remove current renters. They would might want to fix up deserted houses, bringing in an influx of capital that would bump up the housing prices and taxes. They would definately want parking for their 2.5 cars. They would probably want decent schools, NOW! In other words, they’d be a pain, wanting to change things.