Um diversity?

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I want to thank a neighbor for alerting me to the Travel and Leisure mag's bit regarding Shaw, which for some odd reason it wants to call North End Shaw. It's called Shaw. Just Shaw. You can call it U Street. You can call it Logan. You might want to call bits of it Truxton Circle. But for the love of all that is good, leave it at Shaw.
I watched the videos attached to the piece. Um, where are the black people? Yes, you have brown people, and famous dead black people are mentioned, but I did not spot a single person of obvious African decent. That's concerning.... I know you want to sort of sell the neighborhood as a cool destination, but I'd like to think that my people are included in the cool. Even in a spot where I see old black guys hanging out, when it was filmed they were missing. Fine. I understand if no one wanted to film those guys. But seriously of the pedestrians and crowds in Shaw, not a single solitary black person?


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