The Group Housing Thing on Richardson

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Rear of Richardson IIISo the Washington Post mentioned the Richardson Place co-housing thing in an article a few days ago.The point of the real estate article was the new trend in group housing of developers creating housing for adults living together where they get their own bathrooms. Unlike old group houses where the shared bathroom and different sized rooms are a problem.

I'm going to totally ignore the problem of fitting too many people on a tiny little street. Gonna set that aside for a moment. That and the possible parking problem, 'cause everything comes down to parking 'round here.

What I will do is remember group housing. I have lived in group houses. My spouse lived in a group house. I know others who in their 20s lived in group houses, it is a thing people do around here; live in group houses.

One of the terrible scenarios brought forth during the BACA meetings against the idea of the co-housing was the idea of live in girlfriends (not boyfriends, I wonder what the gender issue is with that, but I digress) in every unit doubling the occupancy beyond what is legal. In London, I lived in a group house of 6 girls. In PG County, while in grad school, I lived with 4 girls in a small house. At no time did all of us have our boyfriends over at the same time.  Maybe two guys might be in the house on a rare occasion. Asking the spouse of his experience, living with 3 guys. Maybe two guys would have their girlfriends over on the same night. The only guest who was a problem, the catalyst who inspired my spouse to move out of the group house, was one of the roommate's dad who stayed for an extended amount of time.

No I predict the problems Richardson Place neighbors will have are the same problems all current residents have with new residents. Parking, noise, and personality conflicts.

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