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I think it is good that DC is publicizing our city's missing African American girls, but in this some of us are discovering "missing" has different definitions.

So I was on the train some time ago and could not help but to over hear... in the same way I can not help but to overhear a certain loud mouth on our block who likes to have profanity laden phone calls outside at 2AM. I try to do my part to ignore, but the person speaking makes no effort to assist me in ignoring them. So in that vein, I could not help but to overhear a woman talking about a missing girl.

The woman on the train was trying to find a clothes and maybe an alternative place to stay for a girl who she knew who was on one of those alerts that the girl was missing. The girl was a teen in the foster care system and was avoiding going to her foster home, thus by not showing up or returning to the foster home, counted as missing. According to the caller the girl has been on the missing alerts more than once. She and whomever was on the other end seemed to be throwing out ideas of how to get the girl out of the foster system. She also seemed to care a lot about the welfare of the girl.

I think I've heard it mentioned in news reports about all the missing black girl notices that are out that there is a very hard question of why that follows. In this case the girl really, really, really, really, really did not want to be in foster care. The details of her why were lost in my really, really, really, really, really trying to ignore the conversation.

So keep up the missing kid notices. Maybe it might lead to honestly asking why the kids are missing and addressing the problems.

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