On the topic of Truxton Circle as neighborhood name

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This is an old disagreement, and as one of the parties I believe I'm right. So when I see something confirming my belief or bias or whatever, it brings joy to my dark little heart.
So I was in Bed Bath and Beyond looking for a new scale because my old scale lost its little electronic mind and went crazy. A bearded man told me I could bring in my old scale and trade it in and having the receipt (because I still had the receipt) was even better. So I figured I'd return with the old scale and upgrade to a new one. I returned with the scale and the Help (the spouse) in tow, and he spotted this lovely DC cutting board.
DC Cutting Board with facts
And lo, there in the middle was the triangle known as Truxton Circle. But in this case the "Circle" was just a round "O".
Truxton Circle on DC Cutting Board
Good enough for me. And I can't speak to the other neighborhood names, but I'm happy with one.
I'm aware that some longtime residents would like to rebrand the neighborhood to a name more of their liking. I respect, but strongly disagree with these neighbors. We all love our neighborhood and its history and I rather focus on what we have in common than what we don't.
I'm also loving The Truxton at Florida and North Cap. Loving the Truxton Inn, even though it is on the wrong side of Florida Avenue..... whatev.

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