Chapman Stable Condos

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Chapman Stable LayoutFirst off, Chapman Stables will/does have underground parking.
I should have asked if the units come with a parking space or does one have to purchase a parking spot separately. But I didn't.

Other thing of interest to neighbors, is that they've already started selling units and expect to deliver maybe by Fall 2017. Units start around $300K and the 2 bedrooms hover in the mid $500K range. I also didn't bother asking what the condo fees are. Desk service and club rooms don't come free. So expect to see whippersnappers (yes, that's what I'm calling all you people younger than me) walking around engrossed in their phones later this year.
Oldtimers please see these new neighbors as assets. They will be homeowners too, some of whom may attend Hanover Area Civic Association meetings (maybe) and will also get annoyed with the "issues" you all have on the southern end of Truxton Circle. That is provided they don't just see the neighborhood on their way to the garage in their car and from their condo window. There are 110 units, that's at least 110 new neighbors who will demand services and be attractive to the type of businesses that like people who can afford $300K+ condos.

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