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No Parking Wednesday Parking.
It has come up recently regarding the development on Richardson Place and the developer who is looking for a variance for two sorta connected lots on the 300 block of P St NW and the 1500 block of 3rd.
People attached to cars don't seem to understand those of us who aren't. I haven't owned a car in over 20 years..... gad I'm old. I have lived in DC for about 17 years, also carless. And as a carless person I have bought a house, where I didn't care about parking. I only care about parking when it comes to accommodating visitors who have cars.
Well development or not, being able to park in front of your house is going away, unless you're handicapped. Change has not only come on the residential side, there has also been change on the commercial side with more (hopefully) businesses and houses of worship that will demand parking. Yes there are more people and households with more cars, but businesses like the nearby DCity Smokehouse, Big Bear Cafe and TC's ANXO (mentioned in the Michelin guide) bring outside cars in the north, Wicked Bloom and NoMA businesses bring cars to the east and southside of Truxton. If North Capitol becomes the commercial strip that we all hope it will be then there will be fewer parking spaces in residential areas. We will be like Dupont or Georgetown or any other DC neighborhood with a healthy residential and commercial area.
And like Dupont and Georgetown people buy expensive houses and condos with no parking. A quick look on Redfin for Dupont and it appears if you are spending a million or more on a property, you may get one lousy parking space, anything less than a mil and you're parking on the streets with the rest of the peons. The new Ditto condos at 4th and P sold. The one without parking sold for smidge less than a million, the one with parking sold for $1.2 million. Five thousand less than a million, over 2,000 sq ft of modern living space and you have to compete with cabbies for parking near the mosque. I guess that's the future.

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