Change in Truxton Circle 1880-2010, part 1

Well the art show/ history exhibit The Triangle Known As Truxton Circle is over. If you missed it, you've missed it. It is not showing anywhere else. It was a great show because of so many local elements from the location (thanks Weibenson & Dorman Architects PC), the community (thanks Scott Roberts for putting it all out there) and the fact that three neighbors (creative types) had one singular topic, our neighborhood.
My major theme for the show was change.
Change and BEANS 1880-2010
Two pieces (which is 12 individual pieces) really brought it home, Change and Beans. Quick key, Yellow on the map and Navy beans are White people, Brown on the map and Black beans are Black people and Green and Brown Pinto beans are everyone else.
I loved the response visitors had with BEANS! I hadn't planned to create it, but in meetings with Ira and Brian (the more experienced artists) they suggested some visual to continue Change 1880-1940 and show the demographic change since the 1940 census. So I looked into artistic graphs and other visuals. I settled on doing something with dried beans. I figured if no one bought the pieces I could make soup afterwards.
So what are you seeing in the photo above. You are seeing demographic change. You are seeing a neighborhood fill up and empty out. Here are the numbers:
  • 1880= 1511 approx (832 whites, 678 blacks, 0 Asians)
  • 1900= 4723 approx (2281 whites, 2438 blacks, 4 Asians/Chinese)
  • 1910= 6801 approx (4565 whites, 2232 blacks, 4 Asians/ Chinese)
  • 1920= 7234 approx (4221 whites, 3008 blacks, 6 Asians)
  • 1930= 6175 approx (1712 whites, 4455 blacks, 6 Asians/ Chinese)
  • 1940= 8242 or 8244 (1718 whites, 6519 blacks, 4 Asians-3 Japanese-1 Chinese)
  • 1950= 7720 (1511 white, 6186 black, 23 everyone else)
  • 1960= 6789 (58 white, 6716 black, 15 everyone else)
  • 1970= 5830 (21 white, 5768 black, 41 everyone else)
  • 1980= 3349 (61 white, 3249 black, 39 everyone else)
  • 1990= 3623 (189 white, 3347 black, 87 everyone else)
  • 2000= 2997 (103 white, 2713 black, 181 everyone else)
  • 2010= 3028 (816 white, 1964 black, 248 everyone else)

There is a lot to unpack there. So I'm going to do a part 2.

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