A little forgotten neighborhood history- an association

So I've been cleaning out my files, in some attempt to gain some control over the boxes of paperwork that I've accumulated in my life. Having a small home, small compared to the rest of America (mine approx 1100 sq ft vs 2600 sq ft) I've tended to be very good about not accumulating 'stuff" but I've managed to let the papers build up.

Anyway, in that pile I found a report about the Three Corners Neighborhood Association. Never heard of them? Yes, most haven't as they were just one of many DC neighborhood associations that formed and died.

The Three Corners Neighborhood Association (3CNA) was created in 2001, the same year the report (PDF here) was written up. According to the report the organization began "as part of the effort to facilitate community improvement. New and longā€time residents in the area began to call on DC officials and services to address problems such as rats, trash, loitering,
drug trafficking, prostitution, etc. "

I vaguely remember attending a meeting or something with the founders of the group. They were a racial mix of professionals. They hoped the report, written up in December of 2001 would bring attention to the problem around the area of Rhode Island Ave, New Jersey Ave and Florida Ave where three Wards and two police districts came together and made it problematic when dealing with crime and other problems where government would be useful.

Ah 2001, the bad old days. This was back when gun shots would ring out almost every night and my street had 24 hour drug dealers. This was also when nobody would deliver any food (I couldn't even get Pizza Hut-then on U St to deliver) but the Postal worker and UPS actually hid your packages. That's all I got.

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