Hawk! and other wildlife

City Hawk in Tree
I spotted this lovely creature on my street last week.
I was amazed to see what I think is a hawk or falcon or some bird of prey here in the city. Maybe he (I'm calling it a he) came for the fine locally sourced mice and rats. Or G-d willing he came for the evil squirrels, for they are evil and are greatly deserving of the horrid and slow death that Mother Nature provides, not the swift merciful end brought by modern man in the form of a car. Many a morning riding to work I have wondered what is that flattened form in the road, squirrel or rat? Both are rodents, however one has better PR due to a fluffy tail, but I digress.
The hawk hung around for a little less than an hour. I stood around for ten minutes or so just admiring him as he sat in the tree pictured. Then I remembered my neighbor was working from home and got him to look at the bird. Then I went back to staring at the bird and later thought to take a picture. Then I went back in the house. I came back out to run an errand and accidentally spotted him on a fence. It gave me a fright, I jumped and he flew away.
Another neighbor once told me a deer had made its way into our alley. I have no reason to doubt this neighbor, however I'm not sure how a deer could get here. If a deer came via the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT) bike path, then it would need to get past North Capitol, a road I sometimes have trouble with. Maybe it made its way down from MBT through Brookland, near the hospitals and got past a less congested N. Cap, then went down by McMillian and crossed Florida and Rhode Island.
On numerous times I've seem possums. Once in my front yard. Those things are ugly and friggin scary.
And it has been a good long while since spotting a raccoon around these parts. I had the misfortune of having a racoon run through my ceiling crawlspace, as it headed to my neighbor's crawlspaces on a regular basis at 4AM. I think I spotted the culprit wandering out of the alley one evening in no big rush.
We may be urban but wildlife still wanders through visiting the sites that are us.

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