So yesterday I was walking home and noticed this box on the sidewalk on New Jersey Avenue. See picture. Whatever was in the card had been taken out. It looked new enough not to be trash.

Now earlier on my walk I noticed a handcart between two cars on the 600 block of S Street with an Amazon box on it.

Because of what I'll call a #SeeSomethingSaySomethingFail that I'm still kind of smarting from, I had zero interest of investigating to see if these were what I suspect were stolen packages.

There are tons of videos out there of people stealing packages off the porches and front stoops. Cameras don't seem to stop package thieves. But cameras are helpful, just not at stopping the crime.

So try to avoid having packages delivered to your home if you are not planning to be home. Also try to tell people who are apt to send you packages to send them to your office (if you are allowed to receive packages) or to an Amazon Locker or friend or to give you the tracking number. I have seen creative solutions to the problem. I saw a clunky looking "Packages" receptacle in someones front yard. In Baltimore, I saw a sign someone placed on their front door that could be read across the street "FED-EX- UPS- USPS Do Not Leave Packages On Step".

There are packages that you can receive. If you have a big enough mailbox you might be able to receive small things. Items heavy as sin don't go far. Once I noticed a package on a neighbor's stoop. I left a note and was about to take the package in and it was well over 50 pounds. So I amended the note, offering to help bring it in if needed.

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