Bad neighbors begone!

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Jimbo noted one evening that I no longer write catty blog posts about neighborhood characters anymore. There are reasons for that, a main one being the people with serious problems either don't live here anymore or they are long term neighbors and well I gotta live with them. But fate was kind and removed some characters from the block, who I will call bad neighbors, and so I feel free to express.

Trash on sidewalk
'Cause they moved.

The Evil Landlord and the Stupid Young People deserved each other. After years of crackhead tenants the Evil Landlord put in some lovely students, mistreated them, and replaced them with the Stupid Young People.

The group of roommates got this title this winter when we had the big snowstorm. Our block is an awesome block, neighbors come out and shovel the sidewalks. These guys, did not do such a thing.  I could blame it on them being renters and there are others who aren't community minded. But what earned them the title was they managed to get their hulking SUV out onto the unplowed street, to ride around the block then on other separate trips looking for Red Bull. There was constant going in and out, spinning tires, rocking back and forth over snow/ice banks over and over again. All friggin day.

But what really made me want them out and gone was the fake pot. We have long term neighbors who smoke the skunky real pot and the chemically fake pot. Given a choice, the cheapo skunk pot is preferable. The Stupid Young People smoked the fake stuff, but if that wasn't bad enough, they shared the smell with the rest of the block. They would sit a box fan in the window facing the street and blow the fake pot smell out to the sidewalk.

According to other neighbors they were annoyingly loud in the rear yard. They never cranked up the music, which is bound to have a neighbor call the cops. But they would talk loudly, late at night.

So when we saw them moving furniture out a few of us rejoiced. However the Evil Landlord is bound to get more misfit tenants. Yet over time the tenants have gotten better. About a decade ago there were the crackheads who left their friend for dead on the sidewalk. Then there were the crackhead parents, who were at least trying to do right. For a brief moment there were some normal people, but they were replaced by the Stupid Young People. Since the rental screams crappy cheap rathole, maybe we might get more students or people heading downward on the social ladder. I'm hoping for a loner misanthrope who only smokes Camels.

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