A Triangle called Truxton Circle- Art exhibit

1930.jpg I guess I should write something up about an exhibit I'm excited about.
As I've said several times I live on a great block and it's the people that make it great. Anyway, some years ago our block had a art exhibit/ potluck party at a neighbor's house who at the time had all white walls and thought, hey let's put on an exhibit. So IT does art and Brother Brian does art and discovered some other neighbors had an artistic side and throw in some musician neighbors and you have a shin dig. I mention this because that same artistic neighbor energy has created a new thing, "The Triangle Called Truxton Circle". So, IT, Brian and myself are gonna put on a show.
"But Mari, you're not an artist," you say.
"Damned right," I answer.
My role is as historian but I am trying to be more visual than wordy to share with neighbors and the people who show up at gallery openings the history of Truxton Circle. The map above is one of 6 in a set on canvas. I've got several maps to show but I'm most excited about something I'm calling BEANS! BEANS! will tell the story of change with the set of maps. You have to see it to see what I'm talking about.
So what else will be there? Well IT will focus on the fountain that used to be in the circle that was the Truxton Circle that used to sit at Florida and North Capitol. Brian's art will look at people who live and used to live in the neighborhood.
Okay, say you're interested in seeing this, great.
WHERE: 410 GooDBuddY @ 410 Florida Avenue NW
WHEN: January 13- Opening Reception 6-8pm
   January 20 10AM-3PM
   January 21 12PM-2PM
   January 27 10AM-12PM
   January 28 12PM-2PM BACA Event-2PM-4PM
   February 3 10AM-12PM
   February 4 12PM-2PM
   February 10 10AM-3PM
   February 11 12PM-2PM Artist's Talk 2PM-4PM
   February 17- Closing 6-8pm 

There is no way for you to miss this.

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