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So yesterday I was walking home and noticed this box on the sidewalk on New Jersey Avenue. See picture. Whatever was in the card had been taken out. It looked new enough not to be trash.

Now earlier on my walk I noticed a handcart between two cars on the 600 block of S Street with an Amazon box on it.

Because of what I'll call a #SeeSomethingSaySomethingFail that I'm still kind of smarting from, I had zero interest of investigating to see if these were what I suspect were stolen packages.

There are tons of videos out there of people stealing packages off the porches and front stoops. Cameras don't seem to stop package thieves. But cameras are helpful, just not at stopping the crime.

So try to avoid having packages delivered to your home if you are not planning to be home. Also try to tell people who are apt to send you packages to send them to your office (if you are allowed to receive packages) or to an Amazon Locker or friend or to give you the tracking number. I have seen creative solutions to the problem. I saw a clunky looking "Packages" receptacle in someones front yard. In Baltimore, I saw a sign someone placed on their front door that could be read across the street "FED-EX- UPS- USPS Do Not Leave Packages On Step".

There are packages that you can receive. If you have a big enough mailbox you might be able to receive small things. Items heavy as sin don't go far. Once I noticed a package on a neighbor's stoop. I left a note and was about to take the package in and it was well over 50 pounds. So I amended the note, offering to help bring it in if needed.

A Triangle called Truxton Circle- Art exhibit

1930.jpg I guess I should write something up about an exhibit I'm excited about.
As I've said several times I live on a great block and it's the people that make it great. Anyway, some years ago our block had a art exhibit/ potluck party at a neighbor's house who at the time had all white walls and thought, hey let's put on an exhibit. So IT does art and Brother Brian does art and discovered some other neighbors had an artistic side and throw in some musician neighbors and you have a shin dig. I mention this because that same artistic neighbor energy has created a new thing, "The Triangle Called Truxton Circle". So, IT, Brian and myself are gonna put on a show.
"But Mari, you're not an artist," you say.
"Damned right," I answer.
My role is as historian but I am trying to be more visual than wordy to share with neighbors and the people who show up at gallery openings the history of Truxton Circle. The map above is one of 6 in a set on canvas. I've got several maps to show but I'm most excited about something I'm calling BEANS! BEANS! will tell the story of change with the set of maps. You have to see it to see what I'm talking about.
So what else will be there? Well IT will focus on the fountain that used to be in the circle that was the Truxton Circle that used to sit at Florida and North Capitol. Brian's art will look at people who live and used to live in the neighborhood.
Okay, say you're interested in seeing this, great.
WHERE: 410 GooDBuddY @ 410 Florida Avenue NW
WHEN: January 13- Opening Reception 6-8pm
   January 20 10AM-3PM
   January 21 12PM-2PM
   January 27 10AM-12PM
   January 28 12PM-2PM BACA Event-2PM-4PM
   February 3 10AM-12PM
   February 4 12PM-2PM
   February 10 10AM-3PM
   February 11 12PM-2PM Artist's Talk 2PM-4PM
   February 17- Closing 6-8pm 

There is no way for you to miss this.

Hawk! and other wildlife

City Hawk in Tree
I spotted this lovely creature on my street last week.
I was amazed to see what I think is a hawk or falcon or some bird of prey here in the city. Maybe he (I'm calling it a he) came for the fine locally sourced mice and rats. Or G-d willing he came for the evil squirrels, for they are evil and are greatly deserving of the horrid and slow death that Mother Nature provides, not the swift merciful end brought by modern man in the form of a car. Many a morning riding to work I have wondered what is that flattened form in the road, squirrel or rat? Both are rodents, however one has better PR due to a fluffy tail, but I digress.
The hawk hung around for a little less than an hour. I stood around for ten minutes or so just admiring him as he sat in the tree pictured. Then I remembered my neighbor was working from home and got him to look at the bird. Then I went back to staring at the bird and later thought to take a picture. Then I went back in the house. I came back out to run an errand and accidentally spotted him on a fence. It gave me a fright, I jumped and he flew away.
Another neighbor once told me a deer had made its way into our alley. I have no reason to doubt this neighbor, however I'm not sure how a deer could get here. If a deer came via the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT) bike path, then it would need to get past North Capitol, a road I sometimes have trouble with. Maybe it made its way down from MBT through Brookland, near the hospitals and got past a less congested N. Cap, then went down by McMillian and crossed Florida and Rhode Island.
On numerous times I've seem possums. Once in my front yard. Those things are ugly and friggin scary.
And it has been a good long while since spotting a raccoon around these parts. I had the misfortune of having a racoon run through my ceiling crawlspace, as it headed to my neighbor's crawlspaces on a regular basis at 4AM. I think I spotted the culprit wandering out of the alley one evening in no big rush.
We may be urban but wildlife still wanders through visiting the sites that are us.

Bad neighbors begone!

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Jimbo noted one evening that I no longer write catty blog posts about neighborhood characters anymore. There are reasons for that, a main one being the people with serious problems either don't live here anymore or they are long term neighbors and well I gotta live with them. But fate was kind and removed some characters from the block, who I will call bad neighbors, and so I feel free to express.

Trash on sidewalk
'Cause they moved.

The Evil Landlord and the Stupid Young People deserved each other. After years of crackhead tenants the Evil Landlord put in some lovely students, mistreated them, and replaced them with the Stupid Young People.

The group of roommates got this title this winter when we had the big snowstorm. Our block is an awesome block, neighbors come out and shovel the sidewalks. These guys, did not do such a thing.  I could blame it on them being renters and there are others who aren't community minded. But what earned them the title was they managed to get their hulking SUV out onto the unplowed street, to ride around the block then on other separate trips looking for Red Bull. There was constant going in and out, spinning tires, rocking back and forth over snow/ice banks over and over again. All friggin day.

But what really made me want them out and gone was the fake pot. We have long term neighbors who smoke the skunky real pot and the chemically fake pot. Given a choice, the cheapo skunk pot is preferable. The Stupid Young People smoked the fake stuff, but if that wasn't bad enough, they shared the smell with the rest of the block. They would sit a box fan in the window facing the street and blow the fake pot smell out to the sidewalk.

According to other neighbors they were annoyingly loud in the rear yard. They never cranked up the music, which is bound to have a neighbor call the cops. But they would talk loudly, late at night.

So when we saw them moving furniture out a few of us rejoiced. However the Evil Landlord is bound to get more misfit tenants. Yet over time the tenants have gotten better. About a decade ago there were the crackheads who left their friend for dead on the sidewalk. Then there were the crackhead parents, who were at least trying to do right. For a brief moment there were some normal people, but they were replaced by the Stupid Young People. Since the rental screams crappy cheap rathole, maybe we might get more students or people heading downward on the social ladder. I'm hoping for a loner misanthrope who only smokes Camels.

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