Do Not Vote for Thorpe

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Just don't.
I have no idea who else is running in the ANC 6E-02 race on the other side of New Jersey Avenue and I pray that the vote isn't split, but do not vote for that man.

There used to be a site up but now it only lives on's Wayback Machine, here. The last update was sometime in 2010 and the site went down around 2014-2015. It went into more detail of why residents shouldn't vote for him.
Walking around last week I saw a number of new Thorpe signs, so once again he keeps trying to get his old seat back. I'm not too worried. Even if he wins his old seat the demographics have changed enough that I really don't think he'd be able to keep the seat for longer than a term, once the electorate are reminded of what a demagogic, homophobic, misogynistic jerk he is.
So, vote this November 8th for someone who isn't a meanie.

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