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Plans of men

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So this 7-28-16DDOT.JPG
is from a handout given out at the yesterday's special meeting Bradley A Thomas had arranged with DDOT. These are just design proposals. Nothing is happening any time soon, and folks in Eckington might have something to say about the proposals on their side of North Cap.

Anyway, I and later others noticed the part about closing off the ramp/turn off, whatever you call it, that drivers use to peel off from North Capitol coming south to get on to Florida Ave NW going northwest. That corner is owned by Joe Mamo. Joe Mamo has been proposing to do something with that corner, currently an empty lot, for over a decade. If DDOT does close off that bit of roadway and claims the corner lot where the ugly people hangout then I know that screws with whatever plan Mamo had.

I have very little sympathy for Mr. Mamo because he has taken too long to do whatever he plans to do. If he were Jamal Douglas (a big developer in DC) nothing happening would just be Jamal being Jamal and getting to projects when he's good and ready. But Mamo is just slow. Back in 2005 I posted about a project he proposed for his lot. He had a whole development posse with him, with pictures and plans. This meeting was so long ago the people I mentioned in my meeting notes have moved away.

So fast forward to 2011 and on the BACA blog there is a drawing of what the proposed building Joe Mamo wanted to build. There is even a schedule. Construction was supposed to start in 2014.

Most recently in the history of this slowly going nowhere project, someone voted to support extending Mamo's PUD, again.

DDOT's plans may provide an excuse to keep this lot a lot for another decade.

Instead of complaining more, I'm just going to make Joe Mamo jokes because you hear the name and think "Yo Mama".

Joe Mamo so slow watching paint dry was too fast for him.
Joe Mamo so slow he's running to catch the purple line in Maryland.
Joe Mamo so slow he makes dead snails laugh.

If you find a person on the sidewalk, call 911

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So the other week I was heading to work when I spotted a person laying down on the sidewalk. This was unusual because the area was all residential, it was the morning, and people do not lay down in that spot ever.

I wasn't the only one to spot the person to spot the person on the sidewalk. Some youngish dude saw her, and hesitantly halfway crossed the street as I crossed towards the person. We walked over the person and I grumply mumbled something about calling 911. And I called 911.

I explained to the dispatcher there was a person on the sidewalk. The person was unresponsive to verbal and (after a neighbor nudged --gently kicked-- the person's feet) physical cues. I was unsure of the person's gender or their age, I guessed late 40s early 50s..... I dunno.

The dispatcher asked if I wanted the police. NO. If a person is knocked out or out of it, I tend to think it is a health care issue not a law enforcement issue.

At one point there were 4 of us standing around the person, two of my neighbors and the youngish dude. Then as a firetruck was making its way to us, the young guy left, as well as one of my neighbors. I stood around for probably 30 seconds after the EMTs(?) hopped out of the truck and headed to work. The whole thing took 8 minutes of my time and I made it to the metro in time to see the young dude on the platform.

I tend to ignore people on the sidewalk in other places, places where I expect to see homeless or wayward people sleeping in public. I won't ignore them if it looks like they've placed themselves in danger, like laying in the street.

I'm not perfect. There have been times when I second guessed my level of involvement and wondered if someone was worse off if I had not just walked by or if I was just a bit more insistent.

It's a city. You will have many encounters with strangers and many tests to your character.

Debt Spam Caller

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Spam calling debt collector So one day I will perfect the outgoing message on my land line. Yes, we have a land line. It is the number we give out when we might actually need to hear from the party requesting our number but we really don't want to give our number. We have a long outgoing message, which tends to eliminate some of the robo calls. I think the robo calls are getting clever.

A week ago I got two calls in one day from "Alisha Morton" at 855-208-9664 saying there was a "formal complaint received for service of process". That's just gobblygook to sound scary. Apparently it was for some dude with my last name.

I checked the number and saw it was part of some debt collection scam. Probably up there with the fake IRS lady with the Jamaican accent saying there is a "criminal lawsuit" against me.

Delete, delete, delete.

Will ANXO be a catalyst?

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ANXO menuBack in 2007, at R and 1st NW, a corner quickie mart opened up as a coffee shop. It's name was Big Bear. The same month it opened there was the Bloomingdale Farmer's Market. That summer everything changed.
Later I noticed real estate agents were mentioning Big Bear in their descriptions for houses in Bloomingdale and Truxton Circle ('cause it is on the edge of B'dale). Big Bear would get mentions from not only me, but other bloggers, it got good press, and became a gathering place for people in the neighborhood.
Eventually, other places that we know and love popped up further down 1st Street, and no I'm not ignoring Windows on RI Ave-- it just did not have the same level of impact. Then came Rustik, and Baccios, then Bloomingdale Liquors got spiffed up, then Boundary Stone and the big dog of the culinary scene, Red Hen. Yes, I'm leaving out some other businesses and I sorely miss Costa Brava, but I don't want to go off on a tangent.
So Truxton Circle has ANXO. The TC has some other places but those are mostly over on North Capitol which has its particular challenges, and no room for outdoor seating. Also ANXO brings with it a uniqueness of being DC's only and first cidery, and an impressive background, with founders who have years of experience at other DC destination restaurants/pubs.
As someone who lives on this end of the TC, on one hand I'd prefer that it not become a destination restaurant/bar, because parking is already at a premium. On the other hand, while I was enjoying a nice French cider, I leaned over to my spouse (the Help) and said, "Our property values just went up."

This is unacceptable bus behavior

Seat TakerI don't know for sure what this guy's problem is. He might be some sort of neurodiverse person, but still, this is unacceptable behavior on a bus that was pretty much standing room only when I boarded the 79 bus heading downtown.
He's a regular on the morning 79 Express bus and he will, given a chance, take up all the seats on the bench, as pictured. It doesn't matter if it is in the front, near the driver (I've seen him do it there) or in the back near the rear door. Today, it didn't matter that several people were standing, like I was, in the aisle. And it doesn't matter if you ask nicely, as I've done in the past, so you can sit down. His answer was no.
I have entertained the idea that he might be neurodiverse, as in somewhere on the autism spectrum. Regardless, it is still a rude move. It might be a reason but it is not an excuse. And if because of his mental health he needs a buffer around people, maybe a rush hour bus that is known to get crowded is not the best option. It is unclear if MetroAccess would even be an option.
I've also entertained the idea that he's an a-hole. Seriously, three seats? People who take up a seat plus their big bag, just do 2 seats, but 3? If you need 3 seats for you and your bags, you need to take a cab.
I'm venting, but I needed to get that out.

911-Domestic Abuse - Call it in

I want to thank the guys, or at least the guy, who called 911, when witnessing a guy hit a girl.

The Help and I were walking back home after enjoying lots of wine and cheese when I noticed three guys looking at something in an alley entrance. What they were observing were a couple. The guy had hit the girl and grabbing her. She wasn't resisting. It was a slight mix of PDA & MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), heavier on the PDA side, which is why it was a confusing scene.

Unfortunately it is a scene I've seen before, so I automatically did what I normally do, even if it is totally ineffective. I loudly asked the girl (woman in her 20s) if she was alright. They always say they are fine, even while the guy might be tugging roughly on her or pulling her hair. They are not fine, they are actively being abused by their boyfriend.

Unless you want to deal with his violence, never ever confront the abuser. Yes in total there were 5 of us and one of him, but I was tipsy, overfed and about 5 minutes from crashing, the Help is not a fighter and I don't know about the other guys. Besides, when an abuse victim sees her lover/abuser getting attacked she may defend him. Yeah, it's stupid.

The safest thing for you is to call 911. The best thing for her is to call it in to 911. If you are not sure, or if you are in the Metro system (told station manager there was a couple slapping each other on the platform, she directed me to call WMATA's information number #seesomethingsaysomethingFAIL) call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-7233.

About Calling 911
To the guy who asked should he stay on the line with 911, yes, and thank you. I or the Help should have called them too.

When calling DC 911 you might not get an operator immediately. When asked what is the nature of your emergency, say you are witnessing domestic violence then describe what you are seeing. The trickiest question you will be asked is your location. Pick the closest house and use that address, the city's system seems to hate intersections and general blocks (ex. 300 block of R St). You may be asked your name and phone number, you can say you would prefer to be anonymous, unless you're okay with saying it. If you leave a number, sometimes, but not often in my experience, the police will call you back.