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Look a bookYesterday I got the sad news that banished? productions will be no more.

I came to know banished? when they wowed me with the Tactile Dinner. I may have gone to 2 or 3 Tactile Dinners since 2009, all of them different than the last, involving edibles, dance, film and being, not just thinking, outside the box. Then I enjoyed The Circle, (pictured) which was an audio time travel walkabout affair. What I loved about banished? was it wasn't just art, where you look at a thing, be it a thing on a wall or a thing on the floor. Nor was it just theater or dance where you sit back and observe a thing, which is fine. But theirs was an experience, where it did not depend on the passive audience, well the productions I attended, but active participation.

When they moved out to Brookland they had a tool library and held classes. I enjoyed the woodworking class, where I got to saw and drill. I also found pleasure in the whittling class. I wished I had taken some of their other offerings, I think there was a welding class. Once again, active, not passive.

banished? will have their last performance July 20-24 with she took me back so tenderly, I have no idea of what it will have in store, but I'm sure it will be transformative.

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