A differing view

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Glass constructionSome time ago I was chatting with my architect neighbor, about what exactly I forget, and we either were looking at or talking about houses and apartments with these large windows.
As I recalled he mentioned how they were great, letting lots of light in. I on the other hand had a different opinion. When I look up or over at houses like the one pictured, I think,
"Look at me! Look at me!"
"Look at my cool house!"
"Look at my cool stuff!"
"Look at my cool life! and weep."
Well mainly for the people who don't make use of their blinds in the evening or at night so they are critters in a fish tank.
I'm sure this is not what the occupants mean to say or project to the passing world, gazing out their car windows at the light or me when I'm walking from mass and observe a few minutes of the "kitchen show" on my way to the Giant. However, it looks like the 'haves' broadcasting to the other haves and maybe-haves along with the have-nots in Shaw.

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