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Wally world

I hear the opening for the 2 Wal-Marts in the District was quite popular. Lots of crowds and a few protesters, just in time for the Christmas shopping.  I will be avoiding Wally World, not because of some philosophical issue regarding wages. Nope, I just hate crowds. I'm not going anywhere near a shopping mall (unless it is the dead mall of PG County*) this month. Then there are predictions that the urban Wally Worlds will kill local businesses.

I wouldn't blame Wally World. I'd blame Amazon. I recently got Amazon prime, to save on shipping and I love, love, love it. I have done about 95% of our Christmas shopping on-line, and a majority of that through Amazon. I've also begun shopping for things for myself and having everything shipped to the Help's job.The only negative is that it isn't instant, and once Amazon sent me the wrong thing, but they fixed it so it's all good.

I won't do all my shopping through Amazon. There's food and my desire to support some local businesses. On Small Business Saturday I bought Christmas cards from Pulp, and contractor trash bags from Logan Hardware. I need to buy a light for my bike, I'll probably get it from the bike shop on 7th. I need to walk over the Old City Green to get some pine garland, if they have it. And I seemed to have misplaced my good headphones, so I'll wander over to CVS or Walgreen's or Radio Shack (I stopped boycotting them for bad service) to get one set, and get backups from Amazon. I realize my not walking into a brick and mortar store has some impact, which is why I try to make the time to walk into stores I support.

I can't let it go, but those who hate and bad mouth Wal-Mart but still shop there are hypocrits. They are like the alcoholic who blames the liquor store for his plight but keeps buying the Velicoff. In this city there is no real excuse. In DC there is this place called Target. It is on the green line. Buses go past it and there is parking in a garage nearby. Either acknowledge your strange freaky love for the low prices or walk the talk.

*Side story- The Help and I were in the Hyattsville/College Park area and went to one of the malls, during Christmas. It was so dead. The guy working at the phone store across the hall looked like he was also working at the Subway sandwiches, bouncing from both as we ate. I think some food safety rules were violated.

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