Visitor Parking Passes are in the mail system

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From the Eckington List, in a letter to John T. Salatti:

We have finalized the mail out of the passes to the remaining wards, which includes Ward 5.  I can confirm that the bulk mail has been submitted to the US Postal Service and residents in the area should expect to begin receiving their passes by the end of next week.  Please feel free to share with your neighbors that they can contact the DDOT Call Center at (202) 673-6813 should they have any questions on the status of the delivery.  However, we request that they allow at least one week for the mail process to be complete.

The passes are the nice little visitor parking passes you give to the contractor working on your house, or the housesitter or relatives visiting out of town. With workmen, demand the pass back before sending the final payment.  I'm guessing, we'll get them in January.

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