This is a time for friends- to prevent stolen packages

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I believe I have gotten gifts for everyone who is getting gifts fotr Christmas and those items are going to Help at his job because he can accept packages. Before the Help, there was Nora Bombay, who lived in, moved and returned back to the building with the underpaid concierge. And before Nora, I worked at a place where I could recieve and mail off packages. We also have friends in the burbs with porches.

It's that time of year again when there is a spike in stolen packages, when theives think you're getting something good. The friends and relatives in the Sunshine states tend not to send us anything, except food baskets, which I'm okay with if they get stolen. But they never do get stolen, lucky me.

If you get stuff from the wonderful Amazon, Ebay, or Etsy and there is a chance a thief following the FedEx truck or a keen eyed crook passing by will take your stuff, you need to invest in your social network. First off, offer your friends the chance to help you. Friends at work, friends at church/temple, friends in the neighborhood, friends who can accept packages at home or work. Secondly, are you a regular somewhere? Is there a bar stool with your name on it? Do you show up so often at a place you might as well work there? Maybe that place can accept a package for you. I've heard of dry cleaners and other business that accept packages for their super regular customers.

There are other options not involving friends, such as using a mailbox sevice, but we should look to involve our friends in our lives.

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