Things left undone

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I was reminded at a neighborhood gathering involving lots of small people and maybe too much colored sugar, that holy smokes this blog will come to an end in 2 weeks. So today I figured I should clean out my draft file.

My process for the past year or so, has been to write up something every day or every other day. Most of the time I can produce something I'm happy with, but every so often, I write it and I'm just not happy with it. Those unhappy things get deleted or I work on them again after clearing my head.  Then there are those that I leave for later and forget all about. Those are the ones I've decided to either delete or publish as is.

So in the 2010-2013 batch are:

Carrots or the instruments of gentrification- org date 5/6/2011

Home Production- org date 5/16/2011

I think I may be a grumpy old timer- org date 6/14/2012

Education and inequality- org date 2/17/2013

The Call- a form of fiction- org dat 2/13 /2013

I tried to see if I could do the same thing with the drafts for when I was using Blogger, but they show up as new posts as with "Five reasons to keep my security bars" . I have several drafts on blogger. I really should figure out what I plan to do with them.

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