Sidewalk closed, go walk in traffic

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Sidewalk closed

Today I decided to take Rhode Island Avenue to the 7th St bus stop. Not doing that for a while.

That is because there is something going on with the northern 600 block of R.I. Ave. I think it might have something to do with the big trees and redoing the sidewalks. I encountered in one section of the 500 blk of Rhode Island a section of the sidewalk blocked off. I waited for traffic to stop so I could walk on to the street to get by. Now there was no cute sign like the one your see here. I figured I'd have to walk out into traffic all on my own.

Then I got to the 600 blk. No "Sidewalk Closed" sign because the day-glo plastic fencing is your heads up. The blockage spanned several houses. Who ever put up the blockage also made the wooden ramps that go from the houses' gate entrance straight into traffic. The only other option for residents of those homes would be a possible rear exit, if such thing exists. So once again, I waited for the light to stop traffic and stepped out into the road.

At the intersection of R/Rhode Island and 7th another blockage. This time there was a sign. Once again, I walked out into traffic to get to the bus stop. Jaywalked right in front of a police cruiser. Stopped to make sure I wouldn't get hit by a bike in the bike lane, and then I got to the bus stop.

What did I want? I want jersey walls. That or a logical heads up before I get to the center of a block to take the option of walking on the other side.

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