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Okay yesterday I discovered that old photos I put on a thumbdrive degraded. Degraded badly. I also discovered that photos taken prior to 2006, not thrown on the web are not on the CDs and the external hard drive I thought they were on.

Change it happens and in the TC the neighborhood change didn't always require people to be moved out. The neighborhood was losing people since, oh, the 1950s. Many months ago I tweeted (I need to bother to tweet more):
I had remembered I had taken a while back the following photo:
It is on the 1500 block of 3rd St NW. I am not so sure of the date because my camera was wonky and defaulted to 1/1/2003. I have a fuzzy photo of those houses from a different angle of what they look like today:
Fuzzy 3rd St NW
In the case of these two houses, there was no one there to kick out to make way, as is the general charge with gentrification. Truxton, as well as the rest of Shaw had and in some spots still has plenty of vacant and blighted housing.
Truxton doesn't even have half of the population it had in 1940. Not. Even. Half. A lot of it has to do with the fact that the neighborhood is no longer overcrowded, and we are not 1940s people. We don't live like people in 1940. We don't have the same kind family structures with the  same percentages like people in 1940. We rarely take in boarders or share close quarters like people in 1940. It takes more square footage to make a 21st Century person happy, apparently 2x as much.

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