Looking forward to 2014

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...even though I won't be blogging here. At DC Vacant Properties, yes. At www.truxtoncircle.org, yes. At the Bureau of Fight Club's agency blogs: the public one,occasionally; the internal employees' only one, daily.

I found a list I made last year for 13 things I'd like to make and 13 things I wanted to accomplish. I failed on the making things list, accomplishing 2 out of 13. Of the other list of accomplishments it is a little better sorta 11 out of 13. Sorta being, I sorta accomplished it, as in I sorta cleaned up the back yard, and I sorta mended some clothes and I sorta read a dead tree book. The back yard was only half cleaned, I mended two things but there is more that needs mending, and I got a used Kindle.
There are only two things on our list for 2014 and they are biggies. One is the final reno project on the house. In 2003 I was too cheap (didn't have the money) to repair the kitchen's walls. Now there are some pretty nasty looking cracks in the non-party walls. Those walls need repairing, like, now. While we're at it, we'll put more square footage on top and try to line it up with the neighbor's house. Back in 2007/2008 the neighboring house also had a 1 story kitchen, but the developer knocked it down and built up to the 2nd floor. We'll sort of do the same, except we won't change the footprint. We'll try to keep the interior. I like my Corian counter tops and white boring appliances. And with that every single structural issue in the house's 140 year history will have been addressed. Also I think I will be the only owner who has bothered with permits in that same period of time.
The second big thing will be starting the adoption process. We've got mentors, and we've informed our families and they are on-board. We look forward to the challenges of raising small people in the city, this city.
If I can fit it in, there are a few writing projects and history projects I'd like to do. I'm making the history of this neighborhood, Truxton Circle, and the rest of Shaw my thing, and sharing that history with others is also my thing. If you want a good primer, I highly suggest looking on Amazon or on Half.com or where-ever you may get used books for City of Magnificent Intentions. It is a textbook. There are two versions I've found, one that ends in the 1980s with a positive note and the other that ends in the 1990s that's just depressing. It gives you the basics of DC history from the 1800s to the late 20th century.
2014 is going to be a year of change.

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