Just say no to brick

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I did a little shoveling of icy slushy stuff last night, only after I heard my neighbor doing some shoveling. I shoveled the space in front of my house and then a bit more for my neighbors. I made a crooked path, for that is my way. I pressed the snow shovel down against the pavement, made several little pushes to pick up the ice then pushed the ice into the gutter. None of this makes for a straight path.

I was thinking that I was so thankful that we have concrete sidewalks and not brick as this would have been harder and possible more damaging to my plastic snow shovel. It crossed my mind to grab a neighbor who expressed an interest in brick sidewalks and have him compare shoveling the two. I decided against it. I can tell you the difference. With the concrete I can place my shovel down against the pavement and push until I hit a square that juts out or until my shovel has gotten too heavy. With brick, I am constantly hitting uneven bricks which ruin by flow and nicks my shovel more often. And so, if I get the engery to mess with bricks I don't do as much of the red stuff as I do of the grey stuff.

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