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There are nights when I cook, and nights when the Help (the spouse) cooks. I think about a few days out before it is my night, so meat has enough time to thaw in the fridge (whole chicken 3-4 days) and for my upcoming day I thought of a dish that we make cauldrons of, beans and rice. We make a bunch, eat a portion for dinner and freeze the rest in individual packets for future lunches. Since we make so much, I decided to send out an email to the neighbors on my street to join us for this simple dinner.
So six showed and we had some great dinner conversations, one about the new Giant. We pretty much agreed that the old Giant was a Ghetto Giant and the new Giant is nicer. Some liked the layout, but some were disappointed that the old structure didn't have little stalls and it was like a regular old Giant. Then there was a short exchange about what to call the new Giant. I think Gentry Giant won out. The rules are the descriptors have to have the same first letter as the name of the store, like Soviet Safeway.
I've been in the new Giant several times so far, mainly to pick up a few things. The store is big, the parking is underground and there appears to be bicycle parking, unless those  waist-high poles weren't meant to be bicycle parking. I do remember talking about the loss of the surface parking lot, the hustlers and other characters who hung out at the old lot, at the dinner table but I don't remember where it all led.
Band at Giant
Jazz band playing in
Giant Cafe
The new Giant is geared towards the type of residents who'll occupy the apartments above and the apartments being built across the street. In the meantime, there are the little old ladies blocking the aisles when they run into their friends and the few millennials who try to get around them while not spilling their beer. Oh, that's another thing that I'm still trying to wrap my head around with the new Giant, beer and wine. Not just for sale to take and enjoy at home but to drink while shopping. One of the dinner guests told me that the carts had cup holders for the beer or wine. I wouldn't know because I never had a quarter or whatever on me to rent a whole shopping cart. I'm also amazed by the D'Artagnan section in meats. I want to buy the $22 package of boneless quail or the venison, but I don't. The last time I saw venison in a grocery store, I was at a Wegman's, and I think that may be the audience this Giant may be trying to go after.
On one of my visits, the Help and I just looked around. There is lots of evidence of this Giant being the food source for young single professionals. Well besides lots of Lean Cuisines, there were other heat and eat, or cook and eat, or pick up and eat meals. The sushi from the sushi bar, the soup & salad bar and the hot bar was self serve pick up and eat. Then there is the pizza counter and the deli counter. I really didn't pay much attention to the cafe. Not too far from the pizza were these single serving meals of a meat and starch in plastic. I gather you nuke that. In the meat section were these $5 stuffed chicken breasts that you cook in the oven. One was enough for both of us.
When the apartments along P & O Sts are all done this area is going to be very different with a new spirit. Maybe this revitalizing spirit will move down the street and get those empty spaces in the Convention Center filled.

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