Banished? Productions

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I just found out ?banished?productions has a Wikipedia page. Neat.

What can I write on my last day about them?

I first encountered the local performance company at the 2009 Fringe Festival. I had no interest in Fringe Festival stuff before because it all seemed like the kind of weird I didn't care for and had zero interest in paying good money. But out on the Mount Vernon Square email list was an intriguing announcement of this thing, a dinner, as part of the Fringe Festival. Food. I like food. The price was right and it wasn't too far, just a short hop on the G8 or G2 if I didn't want to walk. So I went. The Tactile Dinner wasn't stomach filling but it was an experience. And it was an experience I am so glad I got to share with friends and neighbors when they did this piece again and again (but not the same exact experience as the first time) in different venues.

Look a book
From The Circle

They moved on from the Dinner and did other things. My favorite other thing, was The Circle. This was another Fringe Festival thing in 2012, and by this time I was willing to take a closer look at the festival catalog and find things that weren't too weird. I had a good time with it, and once again banished? gave me a memorable experience.

They have a new thing, well not so new as I have been meaning to blog about it and never did so I gotta get this in now... They have birthed the banished? ARTillery Tool Library. Lotta stuff goes into making art, which involves construction tools and hand tools to make a vision of artspace or a performance piece come into being.

I don't know what other things are in store, but I look forward to future banished? experiences with just the right amount of avant-pop weirdness.

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