Age diversity

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What makes my street and my immediate neighborhood great are the people. The buildings and amenities are lovely too, but I really get a lot out of my interactions with my neighbors. Though on one level income diversity is a good thing, what I have experienced is the joy of age diversity.
Maybe it is just me.
Older neighbors who were here in the 'bad old days' can tell me about what I have thankfully missed and together we can recount what we've experienced together to neighbors who moved in after me. Older neighbors who moved in after I did, we also recount what we've experienced together so far. Both sets provide a perspective of what life in this city may be like as I get older. Retirement looks awesome, not retiring working full-time or part-time in a job you love-love, looks awesome too.
Younger neighbors who were born and raised here provide hope and heartache. There's a little more heartache here for these neighbors who were here before I arrived. The ones who provide hope have moved on, and typically out of their parents' houses, and so they're not so much neighbors as welcomed visitors. Younger neighbors who moved in sometime after I did, provide energy and a willingness to join in with projects and efforts to improve the neighborhood. Unfortunately, younger neighbors can be distracted, one example is that of their phones. Then there are the even younger neighbors. I sometimes first meet them when they are still kicking around in their mothers. Then they are out and seeing the world and the neighborhood with new eyes. They tell you about DC's Pre-K and they make Halloween (or any kid-centered activity) fun.
But diversity means very little if your don't interact with any of your neighbors. Fortunately, I talk to many neighbors, run into them, do small favors and there are plenty of opportunities to get together. And in these various activities of neighborliness I get to appreciate the differences and what we have in common.

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