Why are there so many cars with Maryland tags in front of KIPP?

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This morning, like many mornings when the Help decides to drive me to work, we passed by KIPP along P St.

When we go by I mention which cars stopped along the road  dropping kids off. It tends to go along the lines of, "DC, DC, DC, Maryland, DC, Maryland, Maryland. Maryland, Virginia, DC, DC, Maryland..."

I don't know if KIPP has a waiting list or you must play the school lotto to get your kid in any of the Shaw KIPPs, but if I were a DC parent I would be pissed at all these Marylanders taking up slots in DC schools.

I have heard that Marylanders have been benefiting from DC tax dollars for years. Unless there is some special thing where KIPP takes MD students and no DC education dollars go to them, this is a litte too flagrant. When the Help's parents lied about where they lived to get him into a better school, they at least kept up appearances. Dropping your kid off in front of the DC school with your MD license plate, not subtle.

According to the KIPP DC site a parent must prove DC residency. I am curious of what proves residency. Depending on what's needed to prove residency, I could prove myself as a resident of Florida.

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