Truxton Homes of E.L. Haynes

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1509-1515 4th St NW
This weekend I saw that 1710 4th St NW was up for sale. It is notable in my head because it was one of several homes in Euphemia Lofton Haynes' real estate portfolio.
Who is Euphemia L. Haynes you may ask. She was the first African American woman to earn a PhD in mathematics in 1943. She's also known as an educator and has a DC charter school, E.L. Haynes in  named after her. However her income did not appear to come from those things for which she is known.
She received her doctorate from Catholic University and was active in Catholic causes, so her papers are in CUA's university archives. In the archives are several boxes of her and her husband's financial records, including files about various rental properties. The files contain correspondence between tradesmen and "Mrs. Haynes" as well as real estate  details mentioning such things as the rate of rent. In 1947 the rent at 1513 4th St NW was $45, and on October 12, 1946 she sold 1509 4th St NW Baker's Dozen, Inc for one thousand dollars. Though by themselves items like the plumbing bill for pipes put in my house in 1938 may be uninteresting to anyone else, I find it fascinating because I ripped out those very pipes last year.
Below is a list of rental housing owned by Dr. Haynes:
27 Hanover Pl NW
218 N St NW
305 R St NW
1509 4th St NW
1511 4th St NW
1513 4th St NW
1515 4th St NW
1618 4th St NW
1706 4th St NW
1708 4th St NW
1710 4th St NW
1712 4th St NW
1714 4th St NW

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