So close

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I want my sidewalk back.

I'm thinking of the sidewalk outside of the O Street Market. It is looking really nice, and I know they are getting close to done.

I also want the sidewalk back on 9th Street NW between H and New York Ave.  I see the bus shelter. I miss that bus stop. I want it back, soon. That and a decently paved road and don't forget the bike lanes!

I have no feelings about the sidewalk in front of the Wally World on H St but that is looking close. From a distance, travelling on the 96 bus I could see interior store signage for aisles.

The amount of investment in the general area is amazing. I imagine a urban planner from post riot 1968 being swooped up and taken to 2014 (when most of this work will be done). Shaw would not be the same neighborhood. Downtown/ Gallery Place (fake Chinatown) would be a different place, but nothing Mr. 1968 could think of would ever conceive of what is here now and what will be next year.

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