Small and Functional at Reformation Fitness

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Reformation4.JPGSmaller classes are better. A few weeks ago I was invited to try out Reformation Fitness and overheard a woman lauding the greatness of Reformation's small classes. Experiencing it myself, it is almost like having one on one, except it was one on five. My instructor was able to guide me and make minor corrections with every new move. I'm a bit out of shape, and despite that, I was shown what I could do at my level. Mike Huling, owner of Reformation Fitness, says that the classes are purposefully small in order to provide more personal attention so instructors are actively working with each client.
Maybe in the beginning, the smaller classes went with the small building at 1302 9th St NW where Reformer began earlier this year in January. The studio expanded later into the neighboring building, yet the classes remained small. Huling claims it was not anything planned, it just happened that the space became available. In the original studio there are hooks for TRX straps and 6 movable Reformer Pilates machines. The second building allows for a full TRX and bootcamp studio on the ground floor and space for mat classes and ballet barre classes upstairs.
Reformation Fitness offers several classes at different levels. My class was a Studio Mat Pilates 1.5. I should have found something in the 1.0 range considering I hadn't been inside a gym for about a year. Despite my limitations I got a really good core workout, and I felt it two days later in the right areas. Overhearing the conversation of one of my classmates, the Reformer workouts are challenging and maybe you might not want to take classes too close together.
Mat Reformer
I also got a really great vibe from the instructors I encountered. Not only was my teacher friendly and helpful, but also the the instructor whose class I was accidentally waiting around in because I was in the wrong building. Huling gives plenty of credit to the instructors for making Reformation what it is. When he was getting into the fitness profession about 5 years ago, current Reformation Fitness instructor Misook Issa gave him "one of the best workouts" he had experienced at that time. It's the instructors who help clients challenge themselves and provide a welcoming atmosphere, even to such as one as I. 
Functional training, is the focus of Reformation Fitness where the goal is to help clients build strength from the inside out, learning techniques to help with one's goal.
Classes are available by going to their home page at and signing up for classes. At this time there are specials for group reformer (the classes with the reformer machine), studio classes (power yoga, mat pilates, TRX/kettleballs, pointe/barre) or personal training. There was some mention of a 55+ program for 2014, as well as other planned programs for the coming year.
I am very interested in returning to Reformation Fitness, with the Help (my spouse) because of the experience I had and the instruction. The Help has some minor issues (he was a preemie) and I could see where he would greatly benefit from the small classes and personal attention.

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