Post-Halloween Miscellany

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Well I said I'd get back to regular posting in November, and now look what month it is.

Halloween recap- Well the trick or treaters did not come until 7 something, and there were so few coming at a time we gave a lot of candy to the early kids and adults. Around 8 something we were starting to run out of candy. At 9pm we decided to call it a night because I figured it was too late for the youngest people to be out.

The costumes were okay this year. There were a bunch, I mean a bunch of Spidermen and spidergirls. No these weren't all the same kids. I had two Spidermen show up at the same time. There were those who made an effort and those who did not. We had special candy for those who just showed up in their regular clothes, caramels and tootie rolls. We did some minimal dressing up ourselves. I threw on an apron and called myself a chef. The Help failed to get rid of his graduation gown after getting his MLS so he wore almost all his regalia (we couldn't find the mortarboard)  and was mistaken for Harry Potter by our nighttime visitors. Harry Potter. The Help wasn't wearing glasses, I don't see how you could miss the University of Maryland patch on the red satin whatchamacallit.

Facetime- I try to practice being aware of my surroundings, even on the bus, because you gotta know how close you want to sit/stand near the crazy. I'm kind of observant. Well I spied with my little eye, someone engaging in Facetime, that function on the iPhone where there is a camera on you and the speaker so you both can see each other talk. Anyway, boyfriend on the other end was getting dressed. What I saw was rated PG-13 not NC-17, but still. I know there are a bunch of you out there who don't care that NSA is reading your email, or TSA is looking at your naked body scans, and have a different sense of privacy than I, but please don't Facetime 1/2 neekid people.

Judging the Post's "Getting to Know Shaw"- In todays print edition the Washington Post's  weekend section has an article by a variety of the Going Out Gurus. It is a collection of short blurbs about a few Shaw restaurants and bars, the library, the Howard Theatre, and the dog/skate park at 11th and Rhode Island. It is not a comprehensive list of all the good stuff that has come in the last three to five years. There is no mention of the Bundy dog run on the 400 block of P St., or Bistro Boheme, nor the brand spanking new Dunbar High School (please open the pool to residents, pretty please!), but that's ok. The on-line version neighborhood guide has more regarding commercial establishments.

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