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December 31st I will shut down this blog. The reason being this blog has had a good run, it is time to move on. However, I am not physically moving. Thankfully, not yet. Earlier I did have a scare that might have made us move, but luckily that didn't come through.

My main job is working for the United States government at the Bureau of Fight Club (BFC). It's not really called that but the agency is, oh how do I put this nicely, funny about employees saying where we work for not work related activities. Anyway, the BFC has another duty location in suburban Maryland and had desired to move a section of employees from DC to MD. Moving employees was one of several ideas to deal with a problem thrown around. We did not know if I was going to have to start commuting to MD and if so, how long.

I currently have a wonderful commute. On a super-duper great day it is 15 minutes door to door. I also have several options to get to work and should I need to get home quickly, I can. I have worked out in a couple of BFC's suburban duty stations and the commute is not so hot. On a good day it is 45 minutes.

The Help and I decided that if I wound up working at a certain duty station, we'd move to be closer to that place, because he works in the same city. So we waited and talked about where we would move to so both of us, not just me, could be closer to our jobs. For me, where I lived in the DC metro area has been all about the commute.

After the end of the fiscal year and the shutdown we haven't heard anyone say anything about moving anybody. So I'm going to assume I'm safe.

I told anyone who'd listen that I'm not ready to leave the city. Not yet. We've got another renovation project planned for next year. I'm not done with this house. I have done so much research regarding this neighborhood, I'm not ready to abandon that.

Though I'll be shutting down the blog, if I can help it, I'm not moving.


I know there's nothing that can be done to stop it, but I HATE the idea of not even having your blog available online, somewhat frozen in amber, as a reference resource.

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