Happy Friday- I got nothin' but history, 2005-2008

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This my friends was taken way, way, way back in 2005. This is the corner of Q and 9th St NW. To the right and in the background is Shiloh Baptist Church. Currently there sits a modern building with big glass windows, like a fishbowl.

I am trying to search my memory for what exactly happened between this and the present. I do remember a huge hole that Ray M. constantly complained about for years.

Library Protest Banner

This photo was taken back in 2006 of the old Shaw library. The sign says "Free Our Library". The trees hide the little slits of windows. But I do see that the escalators for the Shaw metro has the glass covering.

Outside  the Big Bear Cafe

This is from 2007. Big Bear was on the verge of opening. There is no farmer's market, yet. There is no outdoor seating, yet.


 This is 2008. The place is formerly Dan's carryout. Walking home I'd smell greasy fried fish. Now I smell really good Thai food.

 I'm going to stop at 2008. If you just moved here you don't know, or probably don't know what this neighborhood has gone through to get to its current state of hipness. If you live here now, you know what these places look like. I hope you appreciate the efforts previous residents to make it an attractive and vibrant place.

Oh I found something else in the 2008 file.

Ray's Art

The other side of 9th and Q St NW.

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