Grand Jury Duty pt. 2- Justice is a slowass B.

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 As I mentioned previously, service on the grand jury has been educational. Since my neighborhood still has a drug problem I'd been trying to apply the lessons. I have learned that justice is friggin slow.

As a citizen I would love it if the cops would do more buy & busts: arrest guys on the corner selling drugs, and prosecute the drug dealers, and the dealers to go to jail. Part of my fantasy, as I sat, was that one day the old guys who sold heroin would come up in one of the cases. Alas the Feds are only interested in those small time dealers when they are part of a bigger drug conspiracy or in relation to felon in possession of a firearm charges.

Nope Feds build cases, and maybe even supersede cases, which drag out a while. One of our least favorite things was having testimony, sometimes from a previous grand jury, read to us. The larger the case the longer it seemed to take. There were moments when the jury felt we'd heard enough, when having to listen to one more recorded phone call was a horrid form of torture.

I get that in order to take the old guys who sell heroin off the streets, the system that supplies them with the drugs needs to be targeted, and that takes time. I get that a strong case linking the street sellers, the scores of middlemen, the money launderers, and others in the conspiracy needs to be made, with lots of evidence that has to get collected and presented before heading to trial. As a resident I want the drugs gone, now. I get what the justice system is doing and why, but it is still taking too long.


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Grand Jury Duty pt. 2- Justice is a slowass B.

Next, Grand Jury Duty pt 3- TBD (either How to get out of serving on a grand jury or Staying out of a drug conspiracy)

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