Gemma you need to fix your roof

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You need to use real roof people and not a bunch of guys you picked up at Home Depot. I have no idea if you picked up random laborers but for the past few weeks I've been noticing a half assed treatment that is so typically your style when dealing with your property. There is roofing material flapping over your rental and from the sidewalk I can see the plywood laid over your roof. If it were anyone else I would figure this is just a temporary thing until a roofing company was able to get to it. But it isn't anyone else, it's you.

Over the years I've lived here, which is the same amount of time you have had this investment property I have seen the feign attempts of maintenance. I remembered when you tried to bully the neighbors on either side of you who renovated their properties. They said you were hard to work with. I'm gathering your property got a leak and it wasn't close enough to party wall for either neighboring owners to fix the problem without any help from you, like they did last time.

As time passed I had hoped that you'd become a better landlady. Early on you were renting to crackheads, with names like Velveeta and bad people who would leave their friends for dead bleeding all over the sidewalk. You were the landlord who when your tenant asked you to change the flooring in the house because the mold was sending their child to the hospital, you did nothing. Well nothing until the family moved out, and only then did you tear up the floor and 'fix' the problem. Later you seemed to stop renting to Section 8s and started renting to the type of young person who is moving into the neighborhood. I thought, maybe, just maybe you'd start taking better care of your house now that you're going market rate. Apparently not.

A few weeks ago there was roofing material strewn in various neighbors' yards. We thought it was from one house because they had some work done on the roof. I'm now wondering if it was whomever you hired leaving at least 3 rolls of roofing stuff on the roof that blew off. Whatever was partially nailed down is flapping around in the wind and sometimes flops over to the front (see the top right in the above photo). If uncovered that plywood is only going to last so long, so you really should get that fixed... for real this time.

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