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Bright Orange on 1500 Blk 3rd St

There all sorts of interesting things happening in the hood.

1500 Block of 7th St- (via Kevin Chapple on the Shaw neighborhood list) 1547 - 7th St will be transformed into a world renowned restaurant. A lease has been signed with chef Richard Sandoval' s restaurant group. The restaurant at 1547 - 7th Street will be one of his El Centro brand. Visit for more information about Richard Sandoval and his restaurants.

In a few weeks Ivy & Coney, a sports pub will open its doors for business at 1537 - 7th Street.

The laundromat at 1535 - 7th Street will be closing and a coffee shop will take its place.

The Variety Market at 1510 - 7th Street will be closing and Valor Development will be occupying that location.

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council- (also from the Shaw list) Will be meeting at Dunbar Nov 14th 6pm in the auditorium at 101 N Street NW. Think of it as another opportunity to go inside the new building. Though I'm still waiting to hear more about when residents can use the pool. 


New Bike Share Station- At Nth and New Jersey see the BACA Blog for pictures.



Principal Jackson passes the buck and says that school is waiting for DPR to allow public access to the Dunbar High school swimming pool. The school has a student swim schedule in place. The school construction team can install the necessary security infrastructure "very quickly" to permit public access without interrupting school activities.

DPR and DGS have been engaged by local ANC Commissioners in Ward 5 and 6 (Joyce Robinson-Paul and Rachelle Nigro) to open the pool to the public on weekends and weekdays for several months now.

Difficult to imagine what the hold up is at this point aside from incompetence.

Nigro has been lighting up the Twitterverse about the pool since June 2013. It's November....

Rachelle Nigro
The new pool at @dunbardc! The constituents of @ANC6E are excited to use it! @DCDPR @dcpublicschools

2:59 PM - 24 Jun 13

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