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Cherry tomato fail
I was out of town during the start of the shutdown, and now I'm back and starting my new job as hausfrau for the duration. If this lasts long enough, maybe, just maybe I can catch up and deal with the damned cherry tomatoes.
I will and have admitted that I am a lazy gardener. It seems this year I have been lazier than most years. Being a laid back most of the time gardener I pick easy to grow things, along with a few not so easy to grow items. I have mint, which I have mentioned in the past is a weed. I lovely weed that I dry in the cellar and brew up for tea.  Purslane, I have said is a tasty weed. Arugula has also seemed to be a weed in that this year I didn't plant any and volunteers popped up in a nice sunny spot. I will chop them down and make a curry.
In chatting with a 3rd St neighbor I realized I had another edible weed taking up space, the cherry tomatoes. I can not keep up with them. They are very, very, very productive. The other problem is they drop too easily. You try to grab a few and a whole bunch, red, orange and green little balls drop to the ground. And there are so many. One day I bothered picking a bunch and gave them away; a basketful of tomatoes and I still had more. The other problem is you have to pick them before a big rain or else their skins will split.
The story of how I got the cherry tomatoes can be found in my 2005 story about my composter:
I began composting soon after settling in here in Truxton, I know this because of the cherry tomatoes. I had a house warming party and a guest (Matt) brought a big bowl of cherry tomatoes from his garden. All the tomatoes didn't get eaten and I tossed them in the small white bin. I used the compost for the front yard and the next Spring got cherry tomatoes growing along my gates. I didn't plant them, so I guess some seed from Matt's tomatoes survived the composting and germinated in the ground.
Since these tasty tomatoes drop plenty of little tomatoes a few volunteer plants are bound to pop up the next year and the following years, with little input from me. This year I did cut back on the plant, which I believe just made the thing more productive. I believe Matt moved away or moved out of the swing dancing circle I was in, but I still have the legacy of his tomatoes.

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