Decade in Review: Richardson Pl Insanity

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This was a toss up between looking at old posts about Richardson Pl and Real Estate Insanity. I still like my post in 2004 about 1611 New Jersey Avenue... remember it is 2004, lots of crack dealers and gunshots at night, crackheads & crackhos in the alley, and no sit down restaurants or cool bars.

There is a house at 1611 New Jersey Avenue for sale for, get this, $798,000. Crack, crack, PCP with an LSD chaser Crack is what the Realtors are smoking. And they must be giving it to their buyers. Yeah, it has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, and I'm quite sure they are big and everything, but $800K? I know this place has no parking. For $800 grand you should have parking and your own personal crack ho. For less you can get a 5 bedroom 4 bath at 34 Quincy for less than $500K, or at $500K 69 Florida Ave. With the extra $300K you could buy an extra condo or for a tad more 1647 New Jersey Ave (a 2 bedroom 1 bath) for $310K.
Please stop the maddness, just say no to the real estate crack.*

I have similar but not as strong feelings about 415 Richardson Pl NW. It isn't finished but the sellers have thrown a price tag of $999,000 on it. I'd been meaning to write something up earlier because the structure is so big I am not sure how it could be legal with the footprint it takes up. See the following:

Richardson 2

The rear of the adjoing house is not visiable in this photo, which I took to show how little back yard, or space for parking there is, unless the 1st rear floor is the garage. However, the front is set back a bit and not flush with the other Richardson Place houses (photo), so I guess that made it legal.

I wrote a little something about the character of Richardson Place houses when some friends sold their property: "The Richardson houses are skinny. About 11-12 feet wide if memory serves me right, but that isn't a odd thing around here as older homes are narrower. But Richardson, now with a shiny new red brick road, is kinda cute. Hopefully that new road won't suffer from the city's odd habit of paving a road, coming back months later, digging it up, and then repaving it again."

 The Refin listing has mock ups of what the interior and exterior of 415 Richardson Pl is supposed to look like. That doesn't look like a 12 foot wide space. If they skimped and managed to carve out some inches by having thin walls, then I pity all involved, especially the neighbors.

While wandering over to take photos of this mess, I saw a nice big hole for the Mondie flats on the other side of Richardon. I hope the infrastructure can deal with all this.

 *1611 NJ Ave NW did sell the following year for $660,000.

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