DiR: Anyone have their long framed light green bike stolen?

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Just now, on my way back in the bike land going along 5th St NW, I saw two young men, one in a black and red wide stripe hoodie ride east on O St NW then south on the 1300 block of 5th St NW. Because of one of the bikes the young men were riding, my sense (call it a hunch, call it female intuition) was that long framed bike was stolen. I stopped as other bike commuters went past me to see where the young men were going. They seemed to stop to talk or confer or say hello to the small group of men hanging in front of the 5th St NW Co-op. I say seemed because I noticed I was being observed and my female intuition told me to head down the road, so I didn't stick around long enough to continue observing.
It looked kinda like a xtracycle or a cargocycle. I don't know.
No, I am not calling 911. I'm still annoyed with the last time I called 911 about a bike I believed to be stolen and then I had more than a hunch. Heck, I'm annoyed about the last time I called 911 about a car with a busted out window. I want a website where I can just report stuff, and be blissfully ignorant that the dispatcher or whomever looks at it thinks it's a waste of their time or makes me feel like a village idiot for calling them or (even better) ask me questions that seem to imply that they want me to walk up to the suspected thief/robber and make sure that they are just hanging out on a dark corner with their faces covered for the fun of it.

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