Decade in Review: Shootings

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R St blocked
A random police photo
There are way too many posts about shooting in the neighborhood to focus in on one. You've got incidents in 2006 where I wondered if it was worth calling 911 after hearing shots because the last time no one from MPD seemed to come around. And there was the shooting close to home in May of 2006 and June of 2008. Yet it was around 2008 I noticed fewer gun shots at night, maybe MPD's shot-spotter may have had something to do with it. Though there were fewer gunshots, or I was getting better at ignoring them, there were still gun incidents and still continue to be gun incidents in the neighborhood. There was a good story in 2010 about a guy who tried to rob some construction workers, but slipped and the workers attempted to stone (throw rocks at the guy with the gun) the would be robber. In 2011 there was a shooting homicide at New Jersey and P and a gun incident in front of the mosque where no one was hurt. In 2012-2013 there have been robberies at gun point, but thankfully (as far as I can tell & hope) no killings in Truxton Circle. I know there was a shooting, near my street this year, but I don't think I blogged about it.
I now wonder if people would be so cavalier about their safety if they had the nightly reminder that you share the neighborhood with idiots with guns. But I see even back then people were just as careless, only they just had ipods instead of iphones. Kids be careful, even though the neighborhood is safer, it isn't crime-free. It is only as safe as you are.

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