Decade in Review: Neighbors getting together for fun

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Our little stretch of street had another progressive party. I think it was the 3rd one this year. That's not counting the housewarmings and the other parties where most of the block was invited. These gatherings make our block a great place to live because there are so many postive ways to get to know your neighbors. It was also great seeing a former neighbor who sold this year and relocated to another part of Shaw.

I wrote about two of last year's progressive parties. For one, I broke my lime juicer. Don't worry I bought another. Another, I made a super rich chocolate pudding and posted the recipe. These are also pot lucks. This time I made a vegan entree, and I think I made too much because we kinda filled up on apps at the first house, so I was half full before even dropping off my dish at the second house.

Though we are sorta organized, I don't know if we could ever pull off what the 100 block of Thomas pulled off last year and is doing again for Halloween. They are currently taking donations for the most awesome Halloween block party. Last year they had silks, stilt walkers and a band.

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