Decade in Review: JF Cook School

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Cook and MM Washington
Alley view of JF Cook
There was a BACA meeting last night where members of the civic association voted on supporting the Mundo Verde Charter School. The vote was 23 for, 8 abstaining and 7 against. So this third try* has gotten the neighborhood's support but there are a number of other things (studies, permits, etc) that need to be dealt with before a possible 2014 opening.

*I wrote third try. After the closing of the school around 2008 there were several ideas floating around of making it a police substation or a community type center, but none of those panned out. KIPP had shown an interest in Cook, but they didn't need all the space and the arts partner talked about might not have been a good mix. After that there was the LAYC, Latin American Youth Center proposal which resident's didn't like. The problem with that was there was a subsized housing element to their proposal that wasn't a dorm. And so our third time around is Mundo Verde, a hard to get into charter school with a long waiting list. I think it will be a good match, particularly for Bloomingdale parents.

Hopefully once the JF Cook school building is operational, the neighborhood can then focus our efforts on to the Langston and Slater buildings.


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